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Get expert advice on Zoho best practices, adoption strategies and proactive recommendations.

Specialist coaching helps you solve key business objectives, no matter where you are on your Zoho journey.

Easily overcome specific business challenges with high resource availability when you need it.

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DSL Telecom's Premium, Premium Plus and Premium Pro Success Plans offer even more help from experts so you can achieve success faster



R6 000

per month

  • 6 Hours In-Plan Access
  • Out-Of-Plan Access Rate - R1250 per hour

Premium Plus


R12 000

per month

  • 12 Hours In-Plan Access
  • Out-Of-Plan Access Rate - R1250 per hour

Premium Pro


R18 000

per month

  • 18 Hours In-Plan Access
  • Out-Of-Plan Access Rate - R1250 per hour
Some Of Our Customers
Zoho Assist

Technical Support

Get expert local help on all technical issues and challenges with response times as fast as one hour (during weekly operating hours - 8 hours, 5 days a week).

Our dedicated Zoho support helpdesk team takes pride in solving customers' problems and providing exceptional levels of customer service.

Authorised Zoho Partner

Admin Assist

Hand off time-consuming administration tasks to our Customer Success team so you can focus on your core business. Popular admin assist tasks we handle include:

  • The set up and customisation of roles and profiles
  • Creating custom formula fields
  • Building workflows, reports, and dashboards
  • Importing, updating, or deleting data
  • The set up of duplicate management rules
Zoho Reseller

One-On-One Coaching Accelerators 

Solve specific challenges that you or your company may be facing with our highly-focused one-on-one coaching sessions.  Let our authorised Zoho specialists assist you to dramatically accelerate your business growth.

Zoho Support

Developer Support

Allow our in-house team of software developers to analyse, troubleshoot and customise code so your business remain agile and transform in today's digital age.

Zoho Authorised Partners

Customer Success Manager

Included in your Customer Success Plan, you'll be assigned to one of our Customer Success Managers. This means you'll get direct access to a Zoho specialist who will provide solid advice and share Zoho's best practices to help you get the most out of your Zoho investment.


Answers To Your Questions

Everything you need to know

What are 'in-plan access' hours?

Do unused 'In-bundle access' hours rollover to the next month?

'In-plan access' hours refers to the amount of included hours in your plan, whereby you can access DSL Telecom Customer Success resources in a calendar month.

No, the unused hours do not rollover.

Can I upgrade my plan if I need more hours?

Yes you can upgrade at any time to a bigger plan and the 12 month contract term will start again. Upgrades subject to resource availability.

What can I use my hours for?

You can access DSL Telecom's resources for technical support, admin assistance, developer support, one-on-one coaching sessions or expert advice.

Can I get a custom plan?

Please contact DSL Telecom if you require a custom plan.

How do I know how many hours I have used for the month?

What if I need more than the allocated hours access per month?

All activity is time tracked and reports will be available to you to monitor.

If you have used both your 'in-bundle' and 'out-of-bundle' access hours allocation for the month you can still purchase additional hours on an ad-hoc basis (R1250 per hour) subject to resource availability.

What type of interactions will be time tracked?

  • Inbound and outbound phone calls
  • Remote assistance sessions
  • In-person meetings and coaching sessions
  • Travelling time

I don't require a monthly plan, can I purchase ad-hoc hours?

You can purchase hours on an ad-hoc basis by requesting a one-on-one session with an expert using our booking request form on our website. We charge R1250 per hour billed in 30 minute increments. Subject to resource availability.

How available will the DSL Telecom success services be for me?

How long is the contract term?

Your Customer Success Manager deals with only a handful of Premium customers ensuring high availability, fast execution and focused attention.

All plans have a minimum of 12 months contract term.

Do Premium plans include implementation services?

Premium success plans do not include implementation of the

services. Premium success plans are used for ongoing support and administration of the services after the services have been implemented.

What if I need more hours?

If you run out of 'in-plan access' hours for the month, you will start being billed at the 'out-of-plan access' hours rate of R1250.00 per hour. 

Are there limits to how many 'out-of-plan access' hours I can get?

Yes, a Fair Access Policy applies which limits the amount of 'out- of-plan' hours you can access per month:

Success Plan

In-Plan Access 

Out-Of-Plan Access Limit

Total Monthly Access


6 hours

1 hour

7 hours

Premium Plus

12 hours

2 hours

14 hours

Premium Pro

18 hours

3 hours

21 hours

Once the fair access policy (FAP) limits for the month have been met DSL Telecom reserves the right to limit access to our Success team for the remainder of the month. 

What Our Customers Have To Say

" DSL Telecom has been extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process of migrating our systems to Zoho One. I would definitely recommend the DSL Telecom team as a Zoho support and success team when looking at moving to the Zoho Software platform. "

" It's been an absolute pleasure to work with DSL Telecom's Zoho Customer Success Managers. Their knowledge of the Zoho CRM application as well as Zoho Analytics has been outstanding and in turn has assisted us to build a more dynamic CRM as well as comprehensive reporting dashboards. "

Divan Ehlers

Roxy Visser

Chief Technical Officer, Curemed

Franchise Operations Manager, Walfinch

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